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Father’s Welcome Packet

A New Resource- Father’s Welcome Packet

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Father Welcome Packet

A game Plan for Fathers Introduction If you are reading this, you may be in complete shock. When I heard for the first time that my child might have special needs, it was like someone had given me a sucker punch to my gut. I wanted to run in the other direction. For me it was the words Down Syndrome. For all of us the shock is real. I felt I was forced into a ball stadium and told to play a game that I knew nothing about and really had no desire to play. I hadn’t trained and wasn’t conditioned for it. I didn’t even know the rules. I had planned for a totally different game. But now, my baby boy was asking me to come out and play.

Men thrown into this game will play it very differently. Some want to go it alone. They just want someone to show them the court and give them the ball and get out of their Page 9 way. That’s OK. Others may want a coach. Not someone who thinks they’re better than they are, but someone who has played the game before and can share the rules with them. The reality is coaches know they are usually in the presence of better ball players than themselves, but a coach knows the rules and how to work the field to your advantage. He may even be able to let you know where other sucker punches come into play. Some dads want a team, or a group of men who play the game together.

The choice is yours. I just know that when I chose to answer my child’s call to “come out and play,” I began to travel down one of the best roads I have ever traveled.

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