Family Pooled Fund

Third Party Pooled Fund

FND has extended the benefits of being able to participate in a pooled trust to family members and friends of persons with disabilities who wish to contribute their own money to a trust for a loved one with disabilities. FND’s Family Pooled Fund is a pool of “third party” special needs trusts – trusts established by someone other than the person with disabilities.

Just as with FND’s National Pooled Trust, the funds from all participants are pooled together for money management purposes to be able to get the most benefit from the financial marketplace. Those participating in the pool get the benefits enjoyed by members of the National Pooled Trust – including professional trustee and money management services. However, since these funds do not belong to the beneficiary with disabilities, there is no pay back requirement to Medicaid and no Medicaid lien attaches to the funds. This provides families with maximum flexibility in planning for the future for their loved one with disabilities.

To join, click on the link below, complete the documents, and send them to us. As with the National Pooled Trust, we urge you to have an attorney review the documents prior to completing them.


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National Pooled Trust

National Pooled Trust

National Pooled Trust