EASE 2018: Partnership For Inclusion with Broward County Schools

Our PEN, Parent Education Network, Parent Training and Information Center for the 10 most southern counties of Florida, joined Broward County Schools as a partner for the #ESEA Conference 2018, Educating All Students with Excellence, with a focus on Inclusion. The event was greatly successful and reunited more than 800 people among parents and professionals. Lederick Horne and Dr. Frances Stetson were the keynotes for the event. Horne inspired participants through his inspirational story and passion for poetry while Dr. Stetson shared important strategies for inclusion for people with disabilities.

Family Network with Disabilities was honored to amplify the event through social media for those unable to participate in person. In a couple of days, the different workshops reached more than 60,000 views online through the Family Network on Disabilities Facebook Page. This is a great collection that can be used for educational purposes and training throughout the year.

Because the event was a celebration of diversity, parents, professionals, and self-advocates presented from different perspectives and backgrounds.

Watch the videos with a click on the following link:

INCLUSION FOR ALL: The Role That Diversity Plays in Inclusion 

Special Needs Advocacy

Universal Design for Learning 

The Equitable Leader 

Implementing Universal Design for Learning 

Implementing a Behavioral Continuum with Evidence Based Reserach 

Mental Health, Social Emotional Learning 

Telling Your Story: Self-advocacy 

LGBTQ Students with Disabilities 

Initial Screening and Evaluation Pre-School children 

Parent Advocacy: Hidden Leaders

Parent Well-Being and Possitive Supports

ESOL Students with Disabilities = English Learners as A Second Language

Virtual Reality Job Interviews 

These videos are archived on our Facebook Page. They can be accesed at anytime and shared as needed, 


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