Miracle League of Pensacola Fall Registration

August 22, 2015 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Central Time
Miracle League of Pensacola Fall
Registration for players is on the dates listed on our calendar or mail to address on Player Registration Form and be sure to include the Player Release Form.

The Miracle League provides physically and mentally challenged children a safe and spirited program in which they can hit, run, and catch on a baseball field.

The Miracle League of Pensacola is a place where every player plays, every player hits, every player gets on base, every player scores, and every player wins – every inning. Players who need help with hitting, catching, and throwing the ball are paired with a “buddy” who helps out.

Registration fee is $40 for players ages 4-11, $45 for players ages 12-18 and $50 for players 19 and older.
If you registered in the spring, you are already registered for the fall season.
Volunteers can print forms online or complete at the park when the season begins.

Event Organizer
Miracle League of Pensacola

Event Contact Information:
Mitchell Homes Miracle League Park
555 East Nine Mile Road
Pensacola FL

Event Coordinator
Larry Thompson

Kathy Powell

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